Childhood in Analogue: The Holiday of a Lifetime


In the spring of 1997, my Dad and a I had the holiday of a lifetime in New Zealand, where we took part in all kinds of activities and water sports. My analogue photos of this time are now my most treasured possession.

Credits: fletchinski84

As my father unfortunately passed away eight years ago, my photographs of the time that he was alive are the things I care about most in the world. When he was still well-to-do, he took me (just me, as the left out middle child that I was; leaving my mum, brother and sister at home) to New Zealand for a fortnight, where I had the best time of my life.

Credits: fletchinski84

We went abseiling down skyscrapers, boating on the rapids, sailing a yacht, and rock climbing! My 55 year-old father even did a bungee jump (see below)! I was too young for that stuff back then.

Credits: fletchinski84

It was a super time, and a holiday I will never forget. Through our analogue photos, I can still remember all of the details of that trip, and I don’t think they will ever fade. Prophecy #5: Film and paper ensure originality, authenticity and ETERNITY, couldn’t be any more true for me, evidenced by these precious photos. I actually think my Dad would have been a huge fan of Lomography, as he loved innovative companies and new gadgets like cameras. So, this article is for my Dad, Chris — thanks for the memories.

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  1. chethong
    chethong ·

    Wonderful, touching articles!

  2. fletchinski84
    fletchinski84 ·

    @lsi what happened to this article? It shouldn't say "when he was still well-to-do", that means posh! It should say "when he was still healthy" or "before he got too poorly"! He was never posh!

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