Living Life With La Paris!


My first outing with my new La Sardina Sea Pride Camera was in Paris. As well as going into the city and the tourist areas, I took my Sardina around our neighborhood and along the canal to try and experience a true Parisian lifestyle.

For a week we lived in a little two floor apartment along the St Martin Canal of Paris — as well as eating a lot of baguettes, pastries and visiting tourist attractions, we also spent a lot of time in the local area exploring everything that Parisian life has to offer.

For a first go, I found this camera awkward… its undeniably pretty however I didn’t realize you had to pull the lens out and twist it to be ready to shoot – this action felt extremely clunky. I just left mine out in the end, probably not the right thing to do but oh well. Then winding the film back on I managed to catch my knuckle on the edge of the ‘can’ and cut out a chunk of skin (please tell me someone else has done this as well, was I doing it wrong?)

However, I think I actually really quite like these photos — I was expecting the results to be similar to the Superheadz Slim and Wide, yet these photos have quite a different quality to them, a uniqueness. I think the lens is a little wider and I like how the edges are fuzzy in comparison to the middle and I think if the day had been sunnier (it was nicer when we left or I’d have used a higher ISO film definitely) then the color would have been much more vivid. So despite my original misgivings I am actually quite intrigued by what else this camera can do…

I think the La Sardina captures Paris wonderfully and for a first try with the camera, I’m really really happy with the results. I can’t wait to capture my life in England with it now!

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written by easilydistracted on 2011-10-18 #lifestyle #canal #lomography #paris #france #xpro #analogue-lifestyle #requested #sardina #la-sardina


  1. ali55
    ali55 ·

    lovely photos!!

  2. 160404
    160404 ·

    "as well as eating a lot of baguettes" made me laugh! haha :D And I cut my skin too, you're not alone!
    Anyway, I like your photos!

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