Out to Sea: Scotland, West Coast and Islands

Scotland has many beautiful beaches on its west coast, and lots of islands to explore!

Last year my boyfriend and I went up to the Scottish west coast for a mini holiday away for some sun, sea, and relaxing. I took my Olympus Trip 35 and Sprocket Rocket on this holiday, along with lots of varied films.

The beaches on the west coast are sort of tropical in looks. Clear white beaches that are almost deserted! The only thing that makes these beaches non tropical is the temperature and the temperature of the water!!!! brrrrrr

There are many islands to explore by boat; the three islands we visited were Eigg, Muck, and Rum, which are all quite close to each other. These islands are very sparse in population but are also very beautiful. The only way they can go shopping is on the boat back to the mainland!

I think everyone should visit Scotland once to see its hidden beaches, islands, and beautiful scenery. I am sure others here who have been will say the same also!

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