Make Your Prophecy Finalist: antibiotyx


Congratulations to antibiotyx, one of the Make Your Prophecy Competition finalists! Read on to see his winning artwork and find out why he chose to represent the prophecy he did…

Name: Sherwin Mapanoo
Country: Philippines
LomoHome: antibiotyx

Why did you choose the prophecy you chose? What does this prophecy mean to you?

I chose “Prophecy #9: A Bazillion Fresh Analogue Tunes Awaits Us” because it tells that “there are no limits to a person’s creativity.” There’s indeed a bazillion possibilities that can happen when you click on the shutter, and a bazillion things in the world that are waiting to be discovered. We just have to look closer to appreciate them, or look at things differently to recognize their beauty and value.

Why did you choose to represent it as you did?

To represent this prophecy, I shot different analogue cameras along with the sounds they create, in order to make a hodgepodge of beats. It’s my attempt at making “analogue tunes” or “music” out of cameras; or turning non-instrumental things into musical instruments. It’s almost the same principle as making a DIY pinhole camera from ordinary objects that you can find at home. I played around the idea that analogue tunes can be created in a variety of ways, such as clicking on the shutter, closing the camera back, advancing the film, opening the canister, etc. Individually, these tunes would probably not be appealing to the ears, but collectively, they can make good music together. What I made is just one way of putting these tunes together, but there’s really a bazillion more ways to arrange them. Needless to say, the possibilities are endless, and I think Prophecy #9 talks about that. Music/analogue tunes are everywhere, so are the things/subjects around us that we can capture or get inspiration from.

What do you think would be a good 11th Prophecy?

“Imagination is Power. Unleash your analogue potential with Lomography!” I think this would be a good 11th Prophecy. Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. This is exactly what lomography is all about. You don’t necessarily have to know the rules. It’s no rocket science. A person’s imagination is very powerful that it can turn abstract ideas into realities. In analogue photography, we also become mighty creators. We aim. We click. We capture. Lomography gives us limitless power to create and unleash our full analogue potential.

written by basterda on 2011-09-15 #lifestyle #antibiotyx #make-your-prophecy-finalists


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    This video is in my top 3 Prophecy finalist!!

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