Out to Sea: The Glorious Beaches of Jersey

One of the nicest locations for a UK holiday has to be Jersey, the island in the English channel famous for brown cows, low taxes, and warm sunny beach holidays.

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I was fortunate enough, when I visited Jersey in 2009 that the weather was good every single day that we were there – it is the UK after all, so this is never guaranteed! As we had a hired car, it meant that we were able to visit lots of the lovely beaches around the coast (all of which can be reached in under half an hour, even with the 30mph speed limit everywhere).

Credits: kneehigh85

For the most part, the beaches are sandy, making them great fun to play on, comfortable to sit on, and easy to walk on. They do however, often involve a bit of a trek to reach. Of course, this is not a problem on the way down, but getting back up can be rather tiring. Fortunately, my favourite beach (Portelet, on the north of the island) has an excellent pub located at the top of the steps so you can quench your thirst there once you have made the journey upwards.

Credits: kneehigh85

Some of the notable beaches are Plemont – with its rock pools and caves, St Brelade’s Bay – south facing so enjoy lots of beautiful sunshine and St Aubin’s – with sand stretching all the way to St Helier. All of these beaches are worth checking out for their own individual qualities.

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