Perfect Partners for Pinhole Practice: Diana Multi Pinhole Operator and Diana 35mm Back


If like me you are new to the world of pinhole photography, and don’t want to waste the more expensive 120 films in your collection, then try the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator with the Diana 35mm Back+ for more practice shots per roll!

Credits: kneehigh85

I want to get better at pinhole photography and the easiest and most creative way of doing this seemed to be by using the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator. I like the idea that you can choose a number of pinholes, and also the cute color gel filters that come with it. I haven’t experimented with all this too much yet, as I am still trying to get to grip with exposure times and where best to position the camera at the moment.

Given how much more it is to buy and develop 120 film in my locality, I had been reluctant to experiment too much with this camera with the original medium format back on it. I decided that for my first few attempts I really ought to be using the Diana 35mm Back+ that I got for my Diana F+. This is a great idea, especially for a newbie such as myself because it allows you to get treble the shots per roll for your practice. It also is a lot cheaper if you happen to have a disaster (I have had a couple so far). And it means that you can have exposed sprockets, and different masks in the back so you get a variety of options.

I think that these 2 items go perfectly together and I will continue to use them in this way until I become better rehearsed in the art of pinhole photography.

Credits: kneehigh85

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