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After a brief hiatus, User Blogs of the Week is back again! We’ve got more noteworthy stories and interesting anecdotes from the community for you guys to enjoy!

Credits: neja

For this week, we have ten popular analogue tales penned by none other than community members themselves. This is your time to shine as your literary work gets a worldwide audience of like-minded individuals! Isn’t it high time that you burned the midnight oil away and written your own User Blog? For now, feast your eyes on last week’s most popular!

Credits: neja

CHAIRS by neja,

Credits: alch3mist

15 Men of Lomo by webo29,

Credits: brommi

Can you believe that? by brommi,

Credits: tyler_durden

Photo of the week!! by tyler_durden,

Credits: rudemuinho

Esto si que son rebajas oiga!!! by rudemuinho,

Credits: mephisto19

September - change of my rhythm by mephisto19,

Credits: mcrstar

“Огни большого города”, итоги- by lomography-russia,

Credits: arsomilio

Chirocefalo Tour by arsomilio,

Credits: carlosbull

PULL AND BEAR regala cámaras Lomo by carlosbull,

Credits: mr-korn

What camera will help you get the girl? by mr-korn,

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