Autumn Leaves Around Krakow

Everytime I write about Krakow, it always starts with “my favourite thing about Krakow…” But really, the whole city is my favorite, especially the Planty. We were incredibly lucky to visit Krakow in the Autumn; I took a lot of photos of the trees and leaves!

The ‘green circle’ park gardens that surround the old town are another feature of the city that I particularly adore, especially as we visited in autumn; there were leaves everywhere!

Our apartment was literally across the road from it. We walked around at least one part of it everyday to get around the city. As you walked through them, you would discover Wavel Hill, with the castle and cathedral, the Collegium Novum, the Palace of Arts, the Teatr Slowackiego theatre, and also the remainder of the old city walls. It was wonderful to see the gorgeous buildings peaking through the autumn leaves and it definitely gave you a feel of how the city used to be, when the Planty was originally planted in the 1800’s.

I can imagine Krakow is a beautiful place all year round, but for me it particularly suited for autumn – the air is crisp, the colors of nature looks beautiful next to the architecture and buildings, and the food was warm and inviting after a long day exploring the city, it was perfect.

In fact, I think every city needs a park to encompass it so I can walk around in autumn and admire the beautiful leaves!

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