Autumn Leaves Around Headingley

Autumn is my all-time favorite season, and there is much of a good reason to take out my camera and to explore my local area and take photos.

As much as autumn is my favorite season, autumnal colors are my favorite — red, orange, brown and yellow are perfect examples; and the leaves around Leeds and Headingley show these colors really well.
I have lived in Leeds for four years now, and every year I get more and more excited about autumn. We are incredibly lucky to live near parks and abbeys, but even the local roads take on a different feel in autumn – the trees get more colorful and varied, and the streets seem more homely and inviting, as the air gets crispier and it gets a bit colder everywhere.

As much as taking photos around Headingley with my camera, I like to grab hot chocolate and explore all the back roads; walking in the areas that perhaps go unnoticed during the spring, summer and winter months. There are so many things that you perhaps don’t notice when you take the main roads and stick to the routes that you know.

Although I am sad to see summer gone (especially the longer evenings and sunshine) I am so excited about autumn already; and I can’t wait to explore and take more photos of the area that I live in.

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