Fuji Velvia (35mm, 100 iso) user-review


Disliked by some photographers but adored by Lomographers

Disliked by some photographers but adored by Lomographers

When the Velvia 100F first came out people were slamming the film because it wasn’t quite the successor of the great Velvia 50. Some felt that it didn’t even deserve to have the much regarded “Velvia” name attached to it. Me thinks this criticism should be ignored by Lomographers and if they only knew what it can do when cross processed maybe they’d be singing a different tune.

I haven’t tried E6 processing on this baby but when cross processed I could say that I am quite satisfied by the output specially for shots with people in them. The skin tones turn out a lovely shade of red and whites come out with a purple tinge. The bold colour lends an air of intensity even when the shots are of a light mood. It’s especially nice to use in shots that depict nightmares & dreams such as what I tried to project in shots I made for a lomo movie I made last year.

When used outdoors, rich but not over powering reds and muted green blue grass is a treat to the eyes. They say that when processed in E6 this Velvia spits out nice images when used for landscape photography. The fine film grain is also good as it makes the images really sharp. I am not one to complain, the colors are bold and intense which I really like but I think it lacks the warmth of its legendary brother.

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  2. thaiseb
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    Velvia is a great film when cross processed, for sure. Nice pictures, I like the #9

  3. oldskool_rider
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    great review

  4. anelfandhiszippo
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    Velvia is super!

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    Loooove Velvia !!!
    Cool review !

  6. halfawakehaiku
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    Thanks guys!

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