Fallin' Beginnings

Around this time of year everyone is getting all set for school and then soon enough, the leaves start changing and falling. Last year was my first year experiencing this in the Northern hemisphere and all the amazing colours. But what happens when you take the bright colour away and see if only in silver shade? This.

Fallin’ Beginnings – I chose this title because the series consists of 9 instant photos of my first impressions of London, Ontario’s fall season. I am from Australia and I have never seen a real change of the season as it does up here. It was the beginning of a new adventure that comes along with moving to a new place; not knowing anyone except for my boyfriend and adapting to the conditions. It is also my ‘beginner’ series with the new impossible silver shade medium. I fell in love and decided to make it a continuing series through the year; re-photographing some of the same or similar things throughout the seasons to show the difference, all connected by using the same medium. One day I would like to frame and exhibit all of these together.

If you haven’t got yourself a Polaroid camera and some Impossible film yet, I highly recommend it. The old Polaroid 600 or sx70 cameras are quite easy to come by in second hand stores, online or at yard sales. The film is still quite experimental and you never quite know what you’re going to get. But, that is one of the great things about analogue photography. The Impossible project keep improving on their silver shade films and this series are taken with the Silver Shade PX which goes quite brown/ Sepia after it has developed.




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