Falling for Fall in Robert's Park, Saltaire

One of the most romantic walks I have been on recently was a trip to Roberts Park in Saltaire at the beginning of September. It looked beautiful even in the dying sunshine of golden hour.

Credits: fletchinski84

Robert’s Park is located near the Shipley Canal in Saltaire. I visited this area on a particularly sunny autumn day around 5pm, when the sun was low in the sky and casting a golden light over everything. It is a great place for taking photos especially portraits, with the sun shining and highlighting people’s faces.

Credits: fletchinski84

There are also lots of other things to photograph in the park, such as statues, bridges, running water from the canal, the bandstand, and 2 metal llamas! It is great for a lomowalk and I will be returning a lot this fall to get the most out of the sun for this year.

Credits: zimmmmo & fletchinski84

written by fletchinski84 on 2011-09-14 #places #location #escape-from-the-city #summer-autumn-fall-park-greenery-sunshine-leaves

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