Biscuit Cafe at Greenwich

Do you ever get bored when going for coffee? Do you hope that at times either someone is with you or you have a magazine to read? Well the Biscuit Cafe in Greenwich is definitely a place to go to enjoy a cup of coffee and have some fun at the same time.

Biscuit Cafe is located in the heart of Greenwich, a stone’s throw away from the Market. It’s not just any cafe but a ceramic cafe.

There are many ceramics to choose from ranging from something as small as an ice cream cone to something as big as a teapot. The ceramics are displayed on the wall with the price next to it. The cost of the ceramic includes the firing of the ceramic and paints.

All you need to do is choose the ceramic, take it to the till, and then select your paints and start painting (but don’t forget your coffee). I chose a teapot, two colours, and off I went painting away!

Once you finish painting (took me over an hour), just take it to the till, and they will fire it for you. A week later, you can go back to pick up your lovely masterpiece.

So if you’re in Greenwich, it is definitely worth visiting, have a cuppa, and paint away!

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