Jungle Beach


Vietnam cities are big, fast paced, and busy, but if you are looking for a peaceful hideaway from it all, there is a little place about an hour’s drive north of Nha Trang called Jungle Beach.

This is an all-inclusive homestay ‘resort’, all your meals and snacks are provided for, as well as certain drinks. The accommodation varies, however, we stayed in a bungalow-type bamboo hut with our own little porch with lounging chairs, a table, and most importantly, a hammock!

We were all of 5m from the beach, which was all ours along with a few other guests, the water was warm and clear, it even has a turquoise blue colour from a distance. It was pretty shallow but there are areas when you get to neck level. The water was still with barely any waves which makes it so clear and you can see the sea life around you.

We were told to go for a night swim as it was ‘magical’ and so we did, not really understanding until we got a fair way into the sea, we realised that the plankton around us was glowing (apparently it’s their defense mechanism but we were very excited). The next day we decided to go snorkeling near some rocks and saw loads of crabs, piper fish, and a whole bunch of other species that I had never seen before so it was very cool and once again I was so excited about everything I saw.

If you don’t want to swim but just lie on the beach, there are bamboo shade panels to allow you to tan or be in the shade. There is also a smaller play pool along with some ping pong tables and slides for added activities.

This is the perfect getaway (even if you are already on a holiday getaway) to recharge you for the rest of your travels in and around Vietnam.

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    good photos!

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    Great place!

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