Out to Sea in Eyemouth


I recently went to my uni-friend’s wedding. My parents were going to Durham as well and gave me a lift. On the way, we stopped by in Eyemouth. It’s a 13th century fishing town in Berwickshire near the border.

When we stopped here and got out of the car, I could instantly taste the salt on my lips. I haven’t been to a beach for a long time. Across the wind, we could hear families playing down on the beach, building sandcastles, chasing the waves, and walking dogs.

Despite our sandwiches being very tasty, I was a bit sad as you’re unlikely to get better fish and chips than somewhere like Eyemouth. There were LOADS of fish and chip shops.

The thing that struck me about the town was simply that it still operates as a fishing town. At a time when Britain has been/is in deep recession, Eyemouth looked like it was doing pretty well for itself!

The beach was at least a mile long and very sandy. It was quite windy but then that should be expected when you’re exposed to the sea. We walked up along the harbour to see the fishing boats and also checked out an 18th century merchant’s house (it was very grand).

I would go back to Eyemouth in a heartbeat. My only criticism was purely the amount of time we spent there. We all had stuff to do in Durham. I’d hazard a guess that Eyemouth is a pretty good holiday stop itself. I can’t wait to go back.

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  1. gvelasco
    gvelasco ·

    Beautiful. I would love to go check it out.

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