Shoot From the Hip with Lomo Lubitel 166B


Lomo Lubitel 166B (not 166+) is an old twin lens reflex camera that takes only beautiful medium format (120mm) film. Just shoot from your hip and expect for the unexpected results!

Lomo Lubitel 166B is a wonderful old twin lens reflex camera that is totally mechanical and is made by LOMO in the 1980’s. I acquired mine in a car-boot sale not so long ago; it was my parents who spotted a box they liked the look of, they took a look inside and saw many wonderful things stuffed in such as films, a MASSIVE pneumatic cable release, an old video camera, and other various photographic bits and bobs.

The camera takes 120mm film and gives you the opportunity of 12 frames on which you can expose an image as many times as you please, though unfortunately it doesn’t give you the option of 16.

The camera offers several different ways of framing your shot:

  • You can un-flip the top and look through the lens without a magnifier (rather difficult to focus this way)
  • You can do the same as above but WITH a magnifier making it soooo much easier to focus…these first two ways are tricky to get used to because everything is backwards!
  • or you can fold various bits down and look through a small square to give you an idea of where things are (not through any of the lens so not very accurate and you have to predict the distance for focusing.)
  • the last, and my most preferred way is to SHOOT FROM THE HIP!!! My camera strap is just the right length to shoot from my hip!

The focus ranges from 1.4m to infinite.
Shutter speeds range from 1/15 second to1/250 second and also has a B mode.
The aperture goes from F4.5 to F22.
This camera is great fun to use overall. It gives a beautiful vintage tone to your photos. In my opinion, the only disadvantage is its size and weight, though it isn’t too bad as I do quite like a bulky camera. Then, to add to the whole experience, there is no light-meter so you have to predict the shutter speed and aperture.

Thanks for reading, Lubitel lovers!

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  1. nicolas_noir
    nicolas_noir ·

    I just picked one up for £10 from my local Oxfam :-D I'm not sure I'll keep it as I managed to crack the lens on two lubitel universals! And the weight of a lubitel is next to nothing if you compare it to other medium format cameras - even some 35mm ones too!

  2. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    I've been wanting to try a TLR, but I don't think I'll get a Rolleiflex or Yashica MAT 124G anytime soon... So I guess I'll borrow my friend's Lubitel 166B first! Nice photos! :D

  3. spacechampion
    spacechampion ·

    I just bought one of these, can't wait to get the film developed :) Great photos

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