Capturing Childhood Memories in Analogue Using the Horizon Kompakt

Childhood memories are sweet. To capture them on film, the best way is to use your Horizon Kompakt.

The memories of childhood lingers sweetly. Sometimes, when I miss the good old days, I go to places where I used to live. It’s true that after so many years, a certain place is expected to changes a lot. However, if you use your analogue camera and expired film, you can capture traces of those sweet memories, again.

Credits: sebastiansiu

We used to live in a public housing estate, which is now more than 50 years old. Our neighbors were nice and we really got very close to them. The nearby amusement park used to be filled with children’s laughter. However, as time goes on, modernization had somehow turned neighbors into strangers. Even the amusement park had less and less visitors. So, is this high technological way of living better?

Credits: sebastiansiu

When people ask me to use digital cameras, I say “no.” In my mind, only analogue cameras can produce something which is not abstract. You can see them; beautiful memories captured on film!

I choose to shoot places where I used to live with Horizon Kompakt because it is really wide. It helps to broaden the limits of one’s memories, so to speak!

Credits: sebastiansiu

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