Tai Tong: My Favourite Romantic Fall Location

Due to its rapid development, it’s hard to find beautiful red leaves in Hong Kong. Yet, how romantic it is if you chat with your loved one under trees of red leaves. Tai Tong in Hong Kong is a great choice.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Whenever fall comes, Tai Tong will be crowded as it is a popular location for a barbecue. Lots of schools will take their students there to have school trips. Yet, there is another side of Tai Tong. When late fall comes, the weather gets colder and the leaves turn red.

Credits: sebastiansiu

In Tai Tong, the place you can find the red leaves is a bit far away from the barbecue pit. Therefore, it won’t be noisy. Visiting it at the weekend is quieter than weekdays as school tours are hardly found. So, you can enjoy the tranquil moments there!

Credits: sebastiansiu

If you visit Hong Kong during late fall or live in Hong Kong, Tai Tong is a great escape from the busy city.

written by sebastiansiu on 2011-09-12 #places #location #escape-from-the-city #romantic-fall-red-leaves

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