Tunnelvision lens, LC-A and Black Corners

How can your photos taken by LC-A be more dream-like? It’s easy. Just attach the Lomography Tunnelvision lens to your LC-A and that’s it!

My Lomography Tunnelvision Lens add two special effects to my photos.

Credits: sebastiansiu

First of all, it strengthens the black corners of my pictures. Even though the LC-A is famous for its beautiful black corners, the tunnelvision lens reinforces the effects.

Credits: sebastiansiu

Secondly, while the object in the center of the photos remains normal, those at other areas stretched. It not only makes the object in the center stands out, it also makes the photo more dream-like.

Credits: sebastiansiu

The Lomography Tunnelvision Lens is easy to use because it attaches to my LC-A with a magnetic ring. Easy to attach, and easy to take off. So, great for taking snapshots!

written by sebastiansiu on 2011-09-05 #gear #review #lc-a #tunnelvision #tunnelvision-lens #accessory #black-corners #lomography #dream-like #user-review #requested #magnetic-ring

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