Meet at Twin Peaks: Endless Panoramas with the Diana F+


Take awesome panoramic shots of San Francisco’s neighborhoods atop the hills of Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks is a lookout point located centrally that offers great views of San Francisco’s various neighborhoods. From up there you can see all of downtown, the Mission, the Castro, Sunset and even parts of the East Bay.

With its wide-open views and high vantage points, Twin Peaks is a great place to shoot and practice panoramic shots!

Bring your Diana and 4.2×4.2 plastic mask that came with your Diana F+ and we will give you the low down on how to shoot endless panoramas.

If you don’t have a Diana or is missing the plastic mask, we’ve got you covered!

This meetup isn’t all about the Diana because we will be bringing panorama-loving cameras such as the
Sprocket Rocket, La Sardina and the Spinner 360 for everyone to try.

Bring a camera and some friends and make sure to be part of an epic group shot with the Spinner 360 on top of one of the hills.

There are more than a few parking spots up there, but we still suggest you carpool.

See you guys there!

Twin Peaks (meet at the parking lot)


September 17th 1PM


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