My Childhood in Analogue from 1994 to 1997


I spent my childhood, from 1994 to 1997, in England. My Dad always brought his Canon AE-1 every time we go on a holiday. I have always adored my dad’s photographs. They’re amazing!

As I was growing up, seeing my dad use his Canon AE-1 made me want to try it. Back then, I just posed innocently, oftentimes, being a bit rather silly. My family and I love to spend our spare time going to different places. We would spend weekends in London or Oxford.

One day, while we were on a boat, My dad took this camera out and captured this photo. I did not realize how amazing this photo was; not until I was already a grown up. I think he used Kodak Color ISO200 on this one.

One thing that I always remember about my dad is that he would always buy 35mm film in a small shop. He never stock up films in his bag. He would just but one roll, and when he is done with it, he would again search for a shop and buy another roll. Until now, I still don’t know why he chose to buy one roll of film at a time. One thing is for sure. though, he took great photographs of his family.

My dad’s photographs influenced me a lot. I think the reason that I started with Lomography is because I grew up seeing him document his life using his Canon AE-1. My dad actually gave me his camera eventually and taught me how to use it. The first lesson that I learned was how to load the film into the camera. It was basic stuff but it still inspires me until now. Loading the film into the camera is a relatively easy task; but then again, if you don’t do it properly, you’ll end up getting blank shots, and that’s not fun at all.

The way he shoots really inspires me until now. I love how he documents our holidays. I love his pictures. It’s really simple. I realize now that the best thing about them is that, they never change, even when the people in them do. Looking at the prints and scanning them made me feel so grateful that my childhood was well documented by my old man.

Check out some of my photos when I was a little boy!

These photos are just a few example. I took these photos from our family album and scanned them. I always wanted to do the same thing as my dad did. Document each and every moment of his family and him. Priceless!

Maybe all these years of Lomography is turning me into a man who continues to taking pictures and documenting each and every moment of his life. I’m grateful that my childhood was documented in an analogue way. Big thanks to my dad. He’s such an inspiration to me.

My future is definitely ANALOGUE!

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    I love the whole article! We are right on the same wavelength!! :-)

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    seperti ayah seperti anak laki-lakinya! ;D

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    lovely article and pics! your hairstyle didn't change at all. haha.

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    wow! bagus sangat pakkk...memang mantop!

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    Jersey England 1996 keren beken

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