CNN Presents 'Film: Not Dead Yet'


We, here in Lomography, say that “The Future is Analogue!” But for other people in this modern age, digital has become the standard and film is slowly being cast in the shadows. Let’s take a look at some of the people who strive and help preserve the film photography community in New York in this CNN video feature.

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Film photography has been in tough competition with digital photogaphy. Others favor digital photography because it’s more convenient and easier to use. People would rather pick up a digital camera as they usually end up in online photo albums, eliminating the extra expense and effort of processing and scanning pictures.

Sure, film photography takes more time, effort, and knowledge. But there is something in film that digital just can’t give you: it’s the excitement and anticipation.

Photography in general is an art form and both genres have their own established worlds. Film has a more artistic and scientific approach when it comes to making images. There’s a lot more into it than just composing your images. Processing your print is a completely different thing. There are dozens of techniques and variations and endless possibilities as opposed to or in comparison to digital’s pre-calculated settings, quick results, and image processing software.

CNN has made a video post about analogue photography a couple of weeks ago. It featured several people in New York who have been sharing the same enthusiasm with film. The people in the video briefly explained what they do and how and why film appeals more to them.

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As long as people like them continue to share passion and love for film photography, It will never die. And It is up to us to help film flourish more, especially in this digital age… keeping it alive for generations to come.

*You can watch the CNN video feauture on film photography.*

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  1. z
    z ·

    ah, i love this. so inspiring. can't wait until i get to work in a darkroom for the first time and really experience the whole, complete process of analogue.

  2. laurasulilly
    laurasulilly ·

    I love to be in my darkroom, it's the best and (and tiniest maybe) lumber-room darkroom ever!

  3. reneg88
    reneg88 ·

    wow, that video is wonderful!

  4. keni
    keni ·

    Future is Analogue. MAJIDE.

  5. makny
    makny ·

    Great video!!!

  6. dabai
    dabai ·

    videos like this remind me why i like to shoot film :)

  7. maelstrom
    maelstrom ·

    For those who trully love photography, past, present and future will always be analogue!

  8. tiranapermata
    tiranapermata ·

    inspiring <3

  9. tiranapermata
    tiranapermata ·

    inspiring <3

  10. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    I am glad that someone recognizes that film is not dead, but there rang through the piece the belief that photography was a pursuit of perfection in the image. That seems to run against the principles of lomography: aren't we back doing this because digital makes it so darned easy to take ~perfect~ pictures and we want something a little fuzzier?

  11. tattso
    tattso ·

    "Sorry, we are not quite done here yet" :)

  12. f64
    f64 ·

    For the past three days I took photos and made photos. I photographed 2 school, one high school and one elementary. I used digital, for the schools records; these I took. For the purchased photos I made the photos using film. I still use film for the majority of my photography. I started with a Kodak Vestpocket camera, 127 film, I still have the camera. I'm in New Mexico and find it impossible to have 120 film developed and printed. (I don't do my own darkroom work.) The negative is very importanr to me since it is part of marketing my work. I give the negative as part of my photo package. My business is in schools and youth sports and the parents LOVE and expect getting a negative from me.

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