Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 14: The Lomographers say: “Thank you Willie, our lives changed completely!”


Creative individuals talk about their love for Lomography and of course, the Fisheye!

Kristin Tachibana
Age: 25, social worker, Lihue, Kaua’i, Hawaii

I am a Kaua’i Girl. I was born and raised on a little island in Hawai’i. Therefore, i can be rugged. I like to play, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty, and I don’t take crap from ANYONE. I work with adults afflicted with mental illnesses and I love my job – although it can be very challenging. My first love (outside of Lomoland) is surfing. Oh, and the only thing i spend more money on than Lomo-products is my bathing suit collection. I have enough bathing suits to wear a different suit for every day of the month. Ah… the necessities in my life! Through and through I am an ISLAND GIRL. What makes me happy are the simplicities in life.

Favorite Fisheye feature: I really like the wide angle that you get with each shot. You can take a picture of an object and include a whole landscape behind it…and you don’t really need to aim too much – you can just point and shoot!
Expert technique: GET AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE!!! I love getting up really close for that great distortion. It makes people faces look amazingly kooky!
Lomography? Capturing the beauty around me to share with others. ;)
Message: My Fisheye is my fun camera. If I’m going out to play, then I take my fisheye. My fisheye makes everything seem so honky-dory. :D

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