Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 10: Meeting # 2: Close-up Jimmy and his Lomographic Friends

Origins: Osaka Ranchu//get as close as possible

Due to his immense shortsightedness (his eyes were once harmed while performing the grand “where’s the crab now?” magic trick), Jimmy depends on huge glasses that cover his little goldfish eyes. As a result of his never ending interest in other fish (especially of the female persuasion) and his charming voice, he is famous for swimming up way to close to his friends – yet causing no discomfort. In fact, they kind of like it. The Lomographers were quite baffled by this behavior at first, but soon realized that they could learn a lot from a guy like him.

“Fat noses, stinky feet, hairy teeth, wide open eyes, big butts, huge glasses, oversized hats, old-school sneakers, wild women, lovable animals, and crying babies…believe me when I say that it’s all better when you get up close. You guys might tease me, but hey – is it really my fault? That lousy crab hit me right in the eye! Try it yourself and get within 10cm (or less) of your subject. Everything is so much more intense & immediate, and you’ll find a bunch of things that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen. Believe me amigos, once you start, you just can’t stop.”

“Rumble in the Pond” is a 368-page hardcover book bursting with 170-degree Fisheye madness. Inside your will find exclusive tips and tricks, Lomographer profiles & interviews, an informative history of Fisheye lenses and goldfish breeding, and several hundred eye-popping barrel-distorted fisheye images. Get your own ""Rumble in the Pond"== Fisheye Book==": now!

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