Katharina Reckendorfer: Passionate Analogue Photographer

Katharina Reckendorfer is a Vienna-based photographer who sticks to analogue photography for most her works. She has worked with Austrian fashion designers, vintage online shops, and musicians from Vienna as well.

For most fashion photographers, the medium used for their photo shoots and projects is a digital camera. However, there are still some fashion photographers who opt to stick to analogue photography to achieve an aesthetic feel that otherwise cannot be accomplished digitally, even when the images are edited using a software. Katharina Reckendorfer is one of the photographers who strives to keep analogue photography alive.

images © Katharina Reckendorfer via www.katharinareckendorfer.com

Most of her works are inspired by early paintings from well-renowned artists, such as Dutch painter Rembrandt and Anglo-Irish painter Francis Bacon. The bold and raw images painted by these artists provide Katharina Reckendorfer with a vision that she realizes through her captured images. Other inspirations include various elements in nature, fashion and travelling. With her interest in photographing people, she soon came to realize that fashion photography is her element. Now, most of her works consist of portraits and fashion shoots for various designers.

Image © Katharina Reckendorfer via Katharina Reckendorfer Photography

To Katharina Reckendorfer, photography entails a lot of hard work but is also rewarding since she has fun throughout the whole process. As one of the founders and members of Analoggang, her vision is to preserve analogue photography and show the richness, beauty and emotion of her subjects, which she captures well through the use of her film cameras.

For more Katharina Reckendorfer photography, visit Katharina Reckendorfer's website.

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