Floppy Pixels: The Art of Nick Gentry

Do you ever wonder what to do with those fulfilled floppy disks, peacefully retired inside your storage room? Now that they’re barely enough to store an mp3 file and with most computers unequipped with drives to read them anyway, Nick Gentry has found a creative way of recycling them… by using them as canvasses.

image © Nick Gentry via Flickr

Not many kids these days know what 5 1/4 mini and 3 1/2 micro floppy disks are. These bad boys can hold up to 1.2 mb and 1.44 mb of media respectively. They’re the perfect container for your midi files, video game walkthroughs, pictures of celebrities, anime wallpapers, or even porn.

What’s next for these phased out storage devices? London based artist, Nick Gentry has been incorporating micro floppy disks, cassettes and even VHS tapes into his art by using them as paintable surfaces.

images © Nick Gentry via Flickr

The artworks present a nostalgic feel. Each disk sort of represents a pixel and parts of disks are utilized well such as the metal hubs in place of eyes. Some artworks are combined with other now obsolete media formats such as VHS and cassette tapes to create a more interesting piece.

Gentry’s works also comment on society’s cyber and waste culture. With technology constantly moving forward, how does it affect the current and the previous available technology? And what happens to these replaced inventions that were once important parts of our everyday lives?

To quote Nick: “Your stuff could be in a gallery rather than a landfill.”

You can also contribute to Nick Gentry’s art. If you have some disks or any recyclable media, you can contact him at his website.

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