Falling for Fall: Walhalla

Although it is early spring here in Australia, I managed to have quite a nice trip to a tiny old gold-mining village in the Victorian highlands when it was autumn (fall) here a few months ago. If you’re after a romantic picnic trip sprinkled with a dash of amazing history, Walhalla is the place to visit.

I have visited Walhalla many times in my life: for family Easter BBQ’s, for school excursions, for work (fire fighting) and of course, to take my partner on a nice drive to see this beautiful place, hidden in a narrow valley within the Great Dividing Range (Victoria, Australia).

Walhalla was one of Australia’s richest towns in the late 1880s with the gold mines contributing over one million pounds in dividends in the last two decades of the nineteenth century.

Walhalla was the last mainland Australian town to be connected to the electricity grid in 1998, however it led the world more than a hundred years earlier with the first-ever (albeit brief) public electric street lighting!

Courtesy of www.australiantraveller.com

As you can see from these shots, the historic buildings in Walhalla are in their original style, as they were in the nineteenth century.

This historic village is as vibrant as ever and a visit in autumn is simply amazing.

Oh, this little town was voted recently as one of Victoria’s top tourist destinations – so if you’re in Melbourne and have a spare day, make the drive, you’ll love it!

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