Let's Go Swimming with the Krab!

Since I first saw this treasure, I immediately told myself, “I HAVE TO GET THAT!” Luckily for me, I got the Krab when I participated on the “Energy that moves the World” exhibition. Yes, I was so lucky when I finally received the package from Lomography and Petrobras. Thank you guys!

To be honest, I just used the Krab Underwater housing once. But, I totally enjoyed my first time using the Krab! Yeah!

I tested the Krab when I went swimming with my girlfriend. She was so excited about the Krab! Who doesn’t get excited anyway doing some underwater Lomography?

Let’s get wet!

Since I can’t set the focus whilst shooting underwater, I just set the focus to 1,5m and oh my it’s good! Perfect! Quite nice since this is the first time I used the Krab.

So let’s see and let’s go underwater!

Look At those bubbles! Bulp! Bulp!
Feet! Foot!
adi_totp underwater!

Are we having fun yet??


It’s like Nirvana’s cover album! Haha

I have to go underwater more and more and using the Krab. Maybe next time I will go to the sea or just have pool party with friends. I will not forget to use this. I love it and I enjoy using it. I’m sure you love the Krab as much as I love it!

Grab your Krab ASAP!

written by adi_totp on 2011-09-05 #gear #underwater #underwater-housing #review #housing #accessory #lomography #krab #lc-a #user-review

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