The Golden Age of Style Rumble: Dress up for the Weekend!

Time to play dress up folks!

Time to play dress up folks!
We hope everyone’s had a great week at analogue la-la land, but the week’s not yet over! We’ve been sneaking a peek at the entries for The Golden Age of Style Rumble and saw your really neat old school shots. But now’s the time to turn your lenses to the other part of the challenge. For the weekend, why not embark on a smashing side activity and take some seriously dapper shots on the side with your Diana+? Think of it as a weekend mission, or a potential swanky avatar to use on the comment box and your lomohome!

Add a pinch of the modern with tried and tested old-school style like Bespoke-clad Mark Ronson or the vivacious Dita Von Teese – and who knows, you just might capture the hearts of your fellow Lomo community members in this season of amour! Just remember to shoot vintage with the Diana+ – the new ‘modern classic’ camera to secure your winning slot!

Submit your photos at The Golden Age of Style Rumble and profess to the world your fashion-savvy self – while standing a chance to win 15, 10 or 5 piggies and a neato Lomobadge!

written by kazarareta on 2009-02-06 #news #fashion #competition #rumble #vintage #clothes #style #mod

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