Lomography 需要你的翻譯文章!


Lomography 是一個非常多元化的社群,從歐洲開始,橫跨北美、亞洲,我們一直都在成長,滋生,每分每秒都在擴張。我們也感謝大家對我們的厚愛,不斷與我們一同分享生活裡與 Lomogarphy 相關的一點一滴。不過,這樣多元的文化,有時候會不會因為語言不同,而有了一些想法上的差異?

為了解決這個問題,我們已經設定了符合各國語言的網站以滿足特定國家。所以即使身在非英語國家,都可以加入 Lomography 這個大社群。透過這種方式,更多的人可以在不同的區域分享自己的經驗、技巧以及有關 Lomography 的最新資訊,還有更多更多豐富的訊息!

我們很樂意讓您在 Lomography 能擁有很好的使用經驗。所以為了分享知識的寶庫,我們想要您參與 Lomography 文章翻譯的工作。如果你有不錯的英語造詣,那麼請快加入我們,一起互惠互利吧!


  • 能夠輕鬆地把文章從當地語言翻譯成英語,反之亦然。
  • 能夠完整表達原創文章的意思
  • 能夠在特定時間內提交文章
  • 翻譯員居住在以下這些地區:日本、韓國、泰國、台灣和中國


  • 舉例說居住在美國的日本人,或者居住在泰國的韓國人。



Lomography Magazine Team

2011-09-02 #news #lomography #callout #news #translations #lomography-magazine #user-admins
translated by cyruscheung


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  1. venuslam
    venuslam ·

    I am interested in being one of the interpreters! Any more details? I can help translating English articles into Chinese. :)Much thanks!

  2. venuslam
    venuslam ·

    P.S. I am currently living in Hong Kong.

  3. venuslam
    venuslam ·

    I am also fine with translating Chinese articles into English;)

  4. jo-amber
    jo-amber ·

    I am okay with Chi to Eng and Eng to Chi, Thai and Japanese should be okay too! I am currently living in Hong Kong as well! Thanks a lot.

  5. moonology
    moonology ·

    Hi! I'm interested in helping the lomography society to translate articles, so that lomographers around the world can know more about the fun of analogue photography! I can do Englsih to Chinese or the other way around, and I'm currently living in Hong Kong.

  6. edwinchau
    edwinchau ·

    Thanks for the love & support to Lomography Online Magazine! And welcome to Lomography-Translator team :)

  7. winson6c
    winson6c ·

    I am interested to become one of the Translator team. I am currently living in HK China.Fine at translating English articles into Chinese.Hope can work with you one day

  8. cwyeung
    cwyeung ·

    I was lazy in the past few months. I'm ready for Chinese <-> English Translation!!!

  9. edwinchau
    edwinchau ·

    sure thing @winson6c @cwyeung welcome :)

  10. moon_moon
    moon_moon ·

    WOW~~~I'm okay with translate english to chinese!!!!

  11. ec-
    ec- ·

    Translate english to chinese is OK for me but translate chinese to english is not very good :(

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