The Colour Gel Hand Fan: Another Way to Keep our Diana Colour Gels With You at all Times


I have experimented and found another way to store and keep your Diana F+ flash colour gels with you at all times, not losing one gel from the package and easy to switch between colours. The colour gel hand fan.

Afraid of losing one colour gel when taking one from the package, especially in a dark venue, I kept trying to find ways to fix this. And this is what I came up with. After reading the Tipsters written by Piemano (Change Your Diana's Colour Gels in a Flash) and by Dedee (ColorFlashfilter-Holder) and by taking a look at how the colour gels were attached to the Holga of a friend of mine, I came up with the following solution to take my Diana F+ flash colour gels with me.

All you need is a slim needle and thread and your colour gels.

Pull a piece of (double) thread through the needle, use enough thread to make a knot when finished. Order your gels in the arrangement you prefer. I arranged them into a sort of rainbow.

With the needle you make a tiny hole in all your colour gels in the same corner, near the edge but not too close, so they won’t tear or brake. Now pull the thread through all the colour gels and make sure they are close to each other on the thread. Make a double (or triple) knot to keep them there.

Now you can tie the other end of the thread to your camera. Make sure to keep enough thread to still make it possible to place your colour gels in the flash.

Take one colour gel from the range and place it in your flash, while keeping the other colour gels together on the side. Take your picture(s) and change colours. You can even put the colour gel hand fan back in the plastic package for safe keeping.

Note: sorry for the out-of-focus pictures, only got my mobile phone camera as a digital at the moment.

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  1. densong
    densong ·

    awesome idea...did you have to tie the gels really tightly so they don't flop down??

  2. megzeazez
    megzeazez ·

    I absolutely love it!! Can't wait to make my own.

  3. blinghaha
    blinghaha ·

    I just super glued mine to the top of the flash! Nice idea!

  4. thepolaroid
    thepolaroid ·

    real cool and useful idea!^^

  5. nike-liscaljet
    nike-liscaljet ·

    Thanks for your likes and comments. Densong, with the needle and tread I used, there was enough resistance from the tread for the gels to stick together. So, no need to tie them real tight and risk breakage and no trouble with the gels flopping in front of your flash when using one of them. Try for yourself and you will find it easier than you would expect. Good luck!

  6. jarka
    jarka ·

    this is the most useful colorgels solution! thank you! :)

  7. flyincoww
    flyincoww ·

    thanks! it usually takes me ages to change my colorgels ;P

  8. miiksy
    miiksy ·

    thank you for the tips! i can now ue my colour gels happily! :3

  9. miiksy
    miiksy ·


  10. miiksy
    miiksy ·


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