August's Top Shoutbox Users


Life feels alone sometimes, doesn’t it? It does, especially when you’ve been uploading and browsing photos all day and still no one cares.

Credits: arurin

So why not shout? No, not literally, and not inside your head either, but do that with this nifty thing called a Shout Box. And you could keep off the Caps Lock.

And you don’t necessarily need to have something to shout about. Maybe tell the world, calmly, how you’ve been doing, or what you are thinking about, or what you had for breakfast yesterday. The world cares, trust me. And while you’re friends are away for the meantime, the ones online are your temporary friends. Hey, why not make them your real friends?

explorette (172 shouts)
thewretched (165 shouts)
nicolas_noir (162 shouts)
kneehigh85 (127 shouts)
lighttomysoul (112 shouts)
eyecon (107 shouts)
86john (93 shouts)
xxxanderrr (92 shouts)
saidseni (91 shouts)
alicemay (86 shouts)
icomewhenieatcaponata (85 shouts)
z (80 shouts)
emkei (79 shouts)
brommi (74 shouts)
amirulshahrom (72 shouts)
mephisto19 (72 shouts)
susielomovitz (70 shouts)
grazie (60 shouts)
natalieerachel (58 shouts)

written by fookshit on 2011-09-01 #news #august #community #recap #shoutbox


  1. nicolas_noir
    nicolas_noir ·

    1 shout off 3rd! Blast you @zoezo And 3 off 2nd, and 10 off first. Talking rubbish is the only thing I'm good at, and I can't even "win" at that! Well done @thewretched @zoezo and @explorette for the amazing achievement of talking more crap than me!

  2. explorette
    explorette ·

    LOL i didnt even think i was on the shout box this month!!!! doh lol. Oh and for all who have not met me.... that image isnt me...... or is it !! :P

  3. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    I never think I say much on there?! Clearly I do.... Ah well :)

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