Nelson Street in Bristol UK Gets a Graffiti Makeover!

The grey buildings of Nelson Street in Central Bristol were transformed in one week in August 2011 into Street Art masterpieces that are here to stay.

Over the last decade, millions of pounds have been poured into the redevelopment of the city centre but the business district remained a miserable grey testament to the love of concrete of architects in the 60s. That was until some local artists managed to convince the local council to part fund a street art festival which would see over 50 graffiti and street artists from around the world descend on the area.

Work started the week before the festival and I managed to have a wander around with a camera as the artists started to work their magic.

Photos above – Leica R4 with Fuji Sensia 400 cross processed

To really celebrate the transformation, a New York-style block party was put on which saw the roads closed off, parts of the tarmac were covered in astroturf, and of course plenty of food and drinks for all!

Photos above – Lomo LC-A+ with Fuji Sensia 400 cross processed
Photos above – Horizon Perfekt with Fuji Sensia 400 cross processed

But this event was not just about graffiti or a big party – it really was about giving a drab part of the city a cool makeover and as such, the artwork is staying, so if you are in Bristol, pop down to Nelson Street and see some of the best street art in Europe!

Photos above – Lomo LC-A+ with Fuji Sensia 400 cross processed

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