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The greatest of the clickers are the ones most inspired!

Credits: wuxiong

With that in mind, popularity is pretty much gauged on how good the photos you have taken and put up. Get it, photographer? Get up, look around, smell the world and take in that inspiration. Get a flower, a friend, your mother, even an ant and take a friggin’ fabulous photo.

ripsta on the star news paper by ripsta
LomoPrints - A dream ? by stouf
It is my Lomo Birthday by mephisto19
The Lomomorphosis by upic
Lomo Rally across Spain & Portugal by neja
PROJECT PARADISE - the search is over - the list of contributors wil be published soon. by peteparker
I want to win the Dream Date Competition! by lawypop
For the love of You All by rake,
HQME Panoramas by mephisto19
We're moving! by saidseni,
Dream Date by skyphos
Ready for travel by grad
A Lomographer's Soul Mate by saidseni
Treasures! by lisabegusch
Активные пользователи прошлой недели.- by lomography-russia
PROJECT PARADISE - more info... by peteparker
My Lomographic Apologies. by fivedayforecast
¡Y ya llevo 1000! by deprofundis
Can you believe that? by brommi

written by fookshit on 2011-09-08 #news #recap #popular #blogs

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