What is Analogue Photography? A Friendly Photography Guide from Your Friends at Lomography

Tired of correcting your friends that the Diana isn’t a “cute” digital camera? Or answering those pesky (but oh too common) questions about why the heck do you still bother shooting film? Be bothered no more our Lomo-loving friends because we now present you with our very own guide to analogue photography!

Photo by spoekert

Aside from being filled with juicy tidbits on the world of analogue photography, our latest single site, aptly called “Analogue Photography 101” is the perfect reference site for both film photography enthusiasts and newbies alike. It doesn’t matter whether you know a whole bunch of stuff about this fun, fun, fun world of ours or you’re still confused about what sprocket holes are because this reader-friendly site was created to help you enjoy analogue photography more.

And by more we mean:

  • An Introduction to Analogue Photography
  • Our Top Reasons on Why YOU Should Join in on the Fun
  • Tips on How to Get Started
  • Our Recommendations
  • “What to Expect” Section
  • Glossary of Terms

So if ever you need to refresh your memory or you want to lure your friends to our world of analogue photography then click, click, click on this link *www.what-is-analogue-photography.com* now and we hope you like what we cooked up for ’ya!

’Til the next exciting announcement…

Lomography Team

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