Between the Walls and the Art of Tacheles in Berlin

I invite you to get lost between the walls of Tacheles, to discover each of its corners and enjoy watching all its work, and the people who make the art center a reality. Come and discover a building which is, apart from art, a part of history, in the middle of the capital city.

Credits: carlosbull

Tacheles is an artistic center in the heart of Berlin near Potsdamer Platz and near the Berlin Lomography Gallery and Store. Located in Oranienburger Straße, it is well known for its walls full of graffiti and sculptures. It’s the house where many artists in the city can express their feelings.

Credits: carlosbull

It’s a squat house, and its occupation dates from 1990, after the fall of the wall. A time when artists found a place to express and show their world view, because until that moment, they couldn’t. Previously, It was a mall center, and later, it was used for offices and a prison. Later, in the second world war, it was partially damaged by bombs.

Credits: carlosbull

But all of these, are in the past, because nowadays Tacheles connects people from around the world through art, in different forms.

I totally recommend a visit Tacheles, get lost in its dark corridors is required, some people can have some fears, but there isn’t anything to be afraid of! Tacheles is one of the best things in Berlin! There you can meet artists, their work, and see the creation process.

In addition, they regularly make performances, exhibitions, and many activities! Discover Tacheles and discover its spirit!

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