Stuck in a Groove: Clemens Kogler's Analogue-Inspired Phonovideo Technique

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Austrian filmmaker and graphic designer Clemens Kogler found a way to incorporate an analogue feel for VJ visuals and more though an animation technique he called the Phonovideo. Let’s watch the first film he created using this mind-blowing technique!

Photo via Clemens Kogler's Official Website - Phonovideo

Through an analogue-inspired animation technique he called Phonovideo, Austrian filmmaker and graphic designer Clemens Kogler was able to create an amazing film—without the aid of computers or digital effects! Before anything else, let’s watch his first film showcasing this technique, entitled “Stuck in a Groove.”

Stuck in a Groove / Phonovideo from Clemens Kogler on Vimeo.

I can hear you say, “Whoa, how did he do that?” In an interview with Motiongrapher, Kogler describes Phonovideo as a “homemade visual tool that allows (you) to display and mix short animations in an analog way without computers, etc.” This is made possible by putting together the phenakistoscope technique from 1832 and turntablism. According to Kogler, a basic setup is comprised of two turntables, two cameras, a video mixer, an output or recording device, and a pile of “records” with prints on a cardboard. It looks like this:

Photo via

The heart of this project lies in the phenakistoscope technique represented by the discs. Originally, the technique involved slits where the viewer can peer through to see the animation; in Kogler’s project, the slits are replaced with the camera shutter so the animations can be seen through the camera but not on the whole set-up/device.

Kogler describes Phonovideo as a “counter movement to contemporary digital culture” and a useful tool for live performances. In the future, he also sees performers and other artists utilizing it to incorporate unique, analogue-inspired visuals in their productions.

What about you, what can you say about the Phonovideo? Tell us what you think through a comment below!

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