Glasgow Buchanan Street Demolition

Buildings opposite the Buchanan Galleries are being demolished to make way for ten new shops, a restaurant, and forty-nine new flats. Currently, all the old buildings are being razed, save for a B-listed façade on West Nile Street. The work has been going on for months and will continue for some time.

This demolition has completely captured my imagination. Buchanan Street lies in the center of three streets that connect Glasgow’s CBD and main commercial sector. If you live in the city you know this street.

Routinely, passersby stop to watch the diggers disintegrating the buildings. For a better view, people get a vantage point from the first and second floor of the galleries. From a great height it’s possible to look down and see past the high perimeter fencing.

The company that is destroying the buildings have a team working hard driving diggers, cranes, and out with sledgehammers. The colours of the machinery and the brightness of the workers’ hi-vis jackets caught my attention. The contrast of the crew working hard to clear the site contrasts with the ruined shells of the old buildings. It looks amazing. If you’re in Glasgow, head down to Buchanan Street and check out the demolition yourself. It’s going to be there for some time. I’ve used slide film to really get the most out of the fluorescent colours though if I could get closer, I would like to shoot some black and white.

Also, in the future it will turn into a building site. Then there will be entirely new photo-opportunities!

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written by slumbrnghok on 2011-09-11 #places #location #urban-adventures #demolition-redevelopment-rubble-ruins-building-construction

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