Aosta - Berlin: 1200 km with Luca Benedet

… " And so I am surprised by that film, one in black and white, sometimes fuzzy, that brings to light the true essence of photography. Even if it’s plastic. and then a 1200 km trip by car, Aosta – Berlin, almost to tell my grandchildren. And then two bikes with us. and then friends. and then write about what you’ve been while listening to a disc 11 years ago and see the green of pine trees from your balcony. That’s beautiful … "

Once upon the time…
Luca Benedet or Blot or Piottinsky. Drummer, went to sky and bike, didn’t have any tattoo, he had glasses and lived with his parents in a small town called Aosta.

… and then, you have met the photography, and then ….
End i always play the drums, sky and ride my bike, i’ve got some tattoo, i use contact lenses, i live by my self in Aosta and i like it so much.

Where do you grew up and where is the place you call “home” now?
i don’t want to result repetitive but Aosta is my place and always it will be , even if i would love to stare in berlin and of course there are so many places i need to visit.

“Digital or analogic” is a bit ’like, “Head or Heart.” What do you think??
That’s a big question. Analogic is head and heart. Digital is head and less heart even if the eye is only one.

You have shotted with La Sardina, Sprocket Rocket and LOMO LC-A. How would you describe it ? It was flirting or romance?
With La Sardina it was just a short flirt. i’m intrigued with the sprocket, i want to taste it in mountains in the next excursion. With LC-A is real love, like you will understand through my pictures.

Among the pictures you’ve taken which is your favorite and why?
Probably one of the great shot is the St Bernard pass. There were the 7 in the morning, i had just finished my night turn working (22:00 to 06:00), half asleep, 4 degrees outside, it was the first time with my sprocket and it came out an overexposed photo with that light that seems to say: “ok, you are only at the beginning, there are other 1170 km left to Berlin”.

What is the most intense photo story you’ve ever taken?
Some history that has to do with the music, scenes of mosh, expressions, and stories of snow and wake up at dawn.
But i honestly believe that “ the one “ is yet to come. i would love to capture the privacy, the intimacy, the sex, during and after, the looks that too many times you lose but then i could not never share with people neighter bring’em on internet. So this should go against of what i think photography is, like sharing for the most of time. But i believe that sooner or later i will. i just need to find the right people.

If you could add an eleventh rule of the already 10 Golden roules of Lomography, which one would you choose?
Drink some! 

PS. I would like to thank my friend Bottega for being an awesome driver and for having shot some photos!

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