Fisheye Rumble in the Pond Chapter 8: The Lomographers say: “Thank you Willie, our lives changed completely!”

Creative individuals talk about their love for Lomography and of course, the Fisheye!

Andy Moss
23, Technical Support Analyst (and Photographer/Painter/Writer)
Luton, United Kingdom

I currently live in Luton (voted the worst town in Britain!!!), but my heart is in Brighton where my girlfriend Collette and I plan to eventually reside. Through Lomography, I’ve actually made my home town look pretty good – but it’s heartless and bland and it’s time that I lived somewhere I can be proud of. I paint, play guitar and – through Lomography – have recently taken up “real” photography.

Favorite Fisheye feature: The large field of view. It’s always great for group photos or just to fit everything in – it’s like a panorama squeezed into one tiny little circle, or something…
Expert technique: Double-expose your fisheyes with the Colorsplash or any other camera! Playing around with distance is cool too. Take some nice landscape shots with the Colorsplash and couple them up with a crazy Fisheye close-up! The Fisheye creates great doubles when used with a non-fisheye camera. Obviously, straight shots look good too, but it’s always fun to try and fill those dark corners with some Lomo magic! Just ask the lab to keep the Fisheye image in the centre.
What the hell is Lomography? A kiss of life for film photography. And a slap in the face for digital!
Message: Without Lomography, I’d have a full conversation with someone without a purple flash blinding them halfway through. Without Lomography, my girlfriend could walk somewhere without having to pose/jump/ spin/ etc. because “I’ve got an idea…” Without Lomography I’d have no reason to line my friends up and get them to dance while I spin around setting off flashes. Thank you.

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