Ampang Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo, Kuala Lumpur


Foong Foong “yong tau foo" is truly a heaven for fish and meat paste stuffings. Every bite into the variations of different stuffings can be so delightful. There are stuffings of brinjal, beancurd, chilli, ladies fingers, dumpling, bean curd skin, etc! They are all stuffed with a generous portion of fish paste. Yum!!

Ampang is famous for its yong tau foo. As I spent most of my childhood time here, I feel that I’m responsible to introduce the most famous yong tau foo restaurant in Ampang to everyone out there – Restaurant Foong Foong!

The front view of the restaurant

There’s no designated parking spaces so we just parked on the roadside as close to the restaurant wherever we can. It was a public holiday and there were a massive crowd of customers in there.

People in the restaurant

We had to wait for half an hour before getting a table. They didn’t give out numbers so we had to spot a table which we assumed finishing soon, and stand there waiting for the customers to leave while watching them enjoying their last bites of food. So hungry!!

That was me waiting.:p

As soon as we got our table, we would have to order our food at the counter. We need to tell the person in charge how many pieces of assorted yong tau foo we want. Over the microphone and loud speaker, we then heard something like “Sam sap yee hou, 8 kin tofu cham cham, zou yong kok tou, sap kin chau yeah cham cham, yat woun sui kow…” (Table number 32, 8 pieces assorted yong tau foo without ladies fingers, 10 pieces mixed fired stuffs, 1 bowl of soup dumplings…) being “transported” to the kitchen LOL.

Table number 32~ :D

That indicated that our orders had just been made through and the food would be arriving in a few minutes.

Here’s a look at the Yong Tau Foo production line. From the “paste stuffing” stage to the different ways of cooking; different stations for boiling and deep frying. Definitely a hive of activity!

The bill came to less than RM20 including drinks for two persons. Well, you won’t find anything fantastically impressive at Foong Foong, just simple dishes that are very mouthwatering and satisfying. I’m definitely coming back!

Address: No. 621-A, Jalan Besar Ampang, 68000 Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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