Analogue Love is In the Air with the Diana Mini

(Analogue) love is truly in the air for me with this camera. The blue hues, the clouds, how beautiful. You don’t need fairer weather than this!

I got my Diana Mini Love Is in the Air as a present from a group of friends, it was the first Lomo camera I had ever received, and that was the beginning of analogue love for me.

The clouds on the blue hues of the camera body just made me love the camera with all my heart, my friends didn’t forget that I love blue too! Actually, my favourite colour is more of a turquoise shade, but sky blue with clouds will do it for me too.

The camera has a pretty hardy feel to it, even though it’s quite light and made of plastic. I’ve placed it into my bag with a couple of other hard things before and it is always unscathed.

The flash is kind of troublesome though. There are no scratches on it yet, but the glossy surface of the flash seem to suggest the ease with which it could be scratched. I would recommend that if you are going out with the Diana mini in fine weather, to not bring along the flash as you have no need for it anyway.

The brightness of the blue-hued camera is more than enough for fair-weathered conditions like it appears to be, white fluffy clouds against the background of the azure sky!

I would like to mention, that I’m completely in love with the spontaneity of the half frames and also, simultaneously love the strong vignette of the full frames!

Here are some photos I have taken with my fair-weather maiden (with analogue love!):

The Diana Mini Love is in the Air is a special Valentines edition of the Diana Mini. Prepare to be swept off your feet, because this camera can shoot dreamy half-frames and squares—all in 35mm film! Fall in love with the Diana Mini Love is in the Air here.

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