Of Cats, Dogs, and Pigeons!


Meet the cast of animals in my life!

Animals are just as interesting as any other photography subject. However, a lot of skill and luck in timing your shots would be necessary to take decent photographs of them. They move about incessantly, and if you’re not fast enough, there goes the moment.

Let me introduce you to some of the animals in my life.

Meet Simba. He is my neighbor’s cat, technically. But since he roams around our entire subdivision, he’s more like everyone’s pet cat. Just as any full grown cat, he is lazy to the core! He’d let you rub and scratch his cheeks and neck, but be careful though. He does not want to be touched elsewhere. Scratch his belly and he’ll scratch you back! He might even give you a bite!

Meet Garlic.If I have it right, he is a relative of Simba; and owned by the same neighbor I mentioned awhile ago. He was still a kitten in these photos. Unlike the moody, grumpy, lazy Simba, he’s actually quite active, and more tolerant of belly starching. Sometimes, he would play on his own; running after invisible or inanimate objects.

Meet Queenie! Our dog in the province. Queenie is a cross between a Japanese Spitz and a Labrador. It’s not the best combination, I’d say. Consider how a pure Spitz barks, with their high pitch voice, and how a pure Labrador does so, with its huge booming voice. Now, what happens when you cross those two characteristics? Horrible! Do not let these photos fool you. She is almost constantly in hyper-activity!

Meet Boris. Our cousin’s dog, and queenie’s one-time lover. He is very… well… very much like a Labrador. Huge built, huge voice, always hungry, and sees no enemy. The only two reasons he would bark would be to ask for food, and to call out on Queenie!

Meet ‘em pigeons. They hang out in the grounds of the school I go to. They constantly peck on crumbs under the tables in the canteen, or on chips or pieces of bread given students. Every time I see them peacefully huddling on the grounds, I would chase after them! And, with a camera on one hand, I would take a shot in one quick scooping motion.

Sometimes, I cannot help but envy them; they who are care-free, and seemingly oblivious of our troublesome human life.

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  1. lilo
    lilo ·

    Love the photos, especially of Garlic!
    Nice article!

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