Mickey Mouse Cartoon Immortalized on the Ever-Popular Instax Mini 7S

Released exclusively in Japan, the Instax Mini 7S White immortalizes the famous Disney Mickey on the equally popular instant film camera. It makes you feel as though you should go to Japan just to buy it.

All of us have grown up with Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie. They have accompanied us throughout our childhood, be in on our shirts, keychains or even schoolbags, I’m sure.

Now, they can stay with us throughout the rest of our lives in the best way possible – Instant film cameras!

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The Mickey Instax Camera 7S was released exclusively in Japan by Fujifilm (a Japanese company). It has a cute Mickey mouse cartoon on the camera body and even the side of the pull-out lens is written with the words “Mickey Mouse”.

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The red packaging adds a young and vibrant vibe to it of course, it has to be appealing for the famously style-conscious Japanese people that was released exclusively for. Even the macro-lens (otherwise known as the close-up lens) is shaped in the well-known and well-loved Mickey’s shape.

Fujifilm is indeed clever enough to cause uproar in the instant photography world, appealing to both the young and the old who are nostalgic about their Disney childhood which was accompanied by Mickey and his friends.

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To top it off, we can even use the instax film with Mickey characters on it!

However, since the Mickey series of Instax products is not sold widely (unfortunately), why not settle for the normal white version which is just as attractive?

The Fuji Instax Mini 7S has simple exposure control, automatic built-in flash, and uses credit card-sized Fuji Instax Mini film. And you’re in luck, because this camera is now available in fresh white! Check it out with the rest of our Instant cameras here!

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