Tsing Yi Waterfront Promenade – The beauty of Rambler Channel & Ting Kau Bridge in Hong Kong

You don’t have to go far to take some nice pictures. Great spots/places are usually around you! With nice weather, any scenery can be astonishing. One day, I caught sight of a beautiful sunset by the waterfront in the city!

One day, when I looked up at the sky, I asked myself, ‘What a beautiful day, how I wish I could go take some photos by the seaside? But any beaches will be too far to go to, what can I do?’ I suddenly recalled that there are a number of seashore promenades here in Hong Kong. I still haven’t been to some of them, like the Tsing Yi Waterfront Promenade. The sun would not set until around 7pm, I probably could make it there after work.
The perfect weather created the perfect scenery!

Tsing Yi Waterfront Promenade is located at the east side of Tsing Yi Island in New Territories, Hong Kong. It spans approximately 2,000 meters. It starts from Greenfield Garden through Tsing Yi Pier, Maritime Square to Cheung Fat Estate, Ching Tai Court and Cheung On Estate, and ends at Tsing Yi Northeast Park. I arrived at Maritime Square and started to walk along the Tsing Yi Waterfront Promenade first, then I walked towards Tsing Yi Pier, then back towards the Tsing Yi Northeast Park.

Along the promenade, you will see a couple of bridges including the Tsing Yi Bridge, Airport Express, etc.

Residents of the area usually take a walk or exercise there. You will also meet many people fishing along the shore.

The sea by the promenade is Rambler Channel while the opposite shore is Tsuen Wan.

When I finally arrived at the Tsing Yi Northeast Park, it was just around the time of sunset. You can see the Ting Kau Bridge in a distance and also the scenery of Sham Tseng. And just in front of the Park is the shipyard.

The beautiful sunset scenery is really awesome. It’s really worth stopping by before going home.

Since transportation to Tsing Yi is very convenient, why not drop by if you have time?

How to get there:
By MTR to Tsing Yi Station, Tsing Yi Waterfront Promenade is by the Maritime Square.

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