The Diana World Tour Lands In Toronto (Part 6) !

Along with the Detrich collection and Diana Vignettes submitted by Canadian Lomographers, a very special exhibition of Diana F+ cameras customized by Canadian artists are on display. Now we would like you to meet this talented bunch and their lovingly crafted Diana F+ recreations! Meet: Midi Onodera, Natalia Yanchak, Natalie Kruch, Patricia O’Connor of Penicullus Bellum and Raymond Biesinger.

Shirley Brown | Artist | Manitoba
Benefiting Charity: Canadian Diabetes Association

Shirley Brown uses paint and multi media to explore her interests in celebrity, power, and unexpected disaster. The black humour she enjoys often figures in her work.

Shirley’s work has been exhibited in group and solo shows across Canada and internationally. In 2000 she curated and organized The Library Project, a traveling exhibition, which toured to rural Manitoba, the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg and the Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina. She has served as a mentor in the MAWA Advisory Program as well as in rural and remote areas of the province.

Shirley has been the recipient of a number of awards from Manitoba Arts Council and Canada Council for the Arts. In 1993 she was awarded a scholarship to attend a residency program at the Banff Center for the Arts. Her work is included in various private and public collections such as the Manitoba Arts Council and Canada Council Art Banks.

Shirley is a founding member of the “Coterie of Malcontents”, a group working for the artist run concept and in support of contemporary art and artists in rural Manitoba.

Shirley lives near Deloraine in southwest Manitoba and works from her farm studio there.

Silvana Iriondo Nervi | Artist | Montreal, QC
Benefiting Charity: Global Medic, David McAntony Gibson Foundation

Silvana Iriondo is a Chilean artist. She studied visual arts at the Finis Terrae University in her native city of Santiago, graduating with a major in painting in 2005. Her work has been exposed in several collective exhibitions in Chile and, more recently, Vancouver, Canada. This last city was her home for the last two years, before moving to Montréal, where she resides today.

Throughout her career she has received several prizes, including first and second place in the “Pintando Bellavista” competition (2002 and 2003 respectively), and being selected for the “Marco Bontá” competition held by the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Chile (2007).

Her work deals with traditional subject matter such as landscape and portrait, giving them a very personal twist by juxtaposing elements that are seldom seen together and, at the same time, by using a very bold and original color palette.

Team Macho | Creative Team | Toronto, ON
Benefiting Charity: The Youth Hotline

There were once a group of boys going to a school in the suburbs. It wasn’t the best school and it wasn’t the worst. Quickly it became clear that it didn’t matter where you were but it mattered very much who you were with. With one anothers help these boys began to replace their surroundings with a setting that better suited their collective goals. Loosely speaking, the goal was to live in a story. Passersby became lost gods, long walks became marathon’s of hop, bridges were cursed passages, and highways were highways. Like an angry ivy, our thoughts shot a leafy arm at anything that took our fancy. Eventually, with this attitude in place, we took the act to the city where we currently reside and extend our long green finger at the things we admire and hold dear. The box is the product of random association and a lot of laser cutting.

Toronto Laser Services | Toronto, ON
Benefiting Charity: Boys and Girls Clubs of Toronto

Metatecture brings together a broad spectrum of creative talents within our small store front studio located in the west of downtown Toronto. Our team members’ overlapping skill sets create gradation between diverse yet interconnected design challenges. We try not to take the safe way out while delivering above project expectations through redefining supposed boundaries of design fields. We have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients that require trans-disciplinary solutions to their design challenges. Most projects will include elements of graphic design, architecture, electronics, computer programming, and fabrication. Finding the in bq.

The Diana F+ is a new twist on the ‘60s classic cult camera. Famous for its dreamy and soft-focused images, the Diana F+ is now packed with extra features such as panorama and pinhole capabilities. Available in our Online Shop.

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