My Discovery of Double Exposure Fun


This is my first double exposure trial by reloading the same film. When I look at the photos, the only thing that is on my mind is that I want to try to it again. It’s fun!

I am a newcomer in Lomography, and after reading the articles in the “magazine,” I was so intrigued by the idea of double exposure. Because most of my cameras don’t have the multiple exposure function, I was particularly interested in reloading the film for the second exposure. Finally, I tried it.

Because of the unpredictable outcomes, it feels so different from using the multiple exposure function. That unpredictability can bring a lot of fun and surprises. Now I understand why Lomographers love double exposure and film swaps.

After reading the all the tips and techniques mentioned about double exposure, it’s not easy to understand without really trying. Anyway, since the most common, important tip mentioned by Lomographers is to just try it, I followed that advice and kept shooting.

To obtain good pictures by reloading the film is really not easy. In this trial, only half of the pictures show traces of double exposure. The others either show no sign of double exposure, due to over-exposure, or the effect of double exposure is in a complete chaos.

But the pictures that look fine are really interesting. It is as though both time and space were interlaced. One will be drawn towards it, and will want to discover the mystery behind.

Thanks to the tipsters and sharing of Lomographers, otherwise I may not have tried it. It’s really fun! I’m going to try it again; also, my friend and I are going to try film swap soon!

written by kcmuguet on 2011-08-31 #lifestyle #fun #film #multiple-exposure #double-exposure #lomography #trial #analogue-lifestyle #reloading


  1. jojothemonkeyy
    jojothemonkeyy ·

    Love the last photo! :D

  2. vici
    vici ·

    great photos!

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