Rumble in the Pond Chapter 7: The Lomographers say: “Thank you Willie, our lives changed completely!”

Creative individuals talk about their love for Lomography and of course, the Fisheye!

Rainer Reber
31, Digital Artworker
Stuggart, Germany
I was born in Stuttgart and I’m working here all day from 8AM to 8PM. Except for the weekends and holidays – those are my time to grab my Fisheye camera and all of my other cameras and drive my girlfriend crazy with relentless shooting.

Favorite Fisheye feature: I love the 170-degree-view. It’s like seeing things with your own eyes, but a little bit different…
Expert technique: One of the beautiful things that a Fisheye can do is capture a warped reality. For example, shooting up will give you images that wrap the surrounding objects all around the circular frame. It’s always a great surprise to get the photos back – as you never know what’s on there beforehand!
What the hell is Lomography? Shoot and relax in the sun, in the evening, or even when it rains. I love taking photos and surfing the Lomography website!
Message: Warning: Lomography makes you see the world in photos. You’ll look around and start thinking if this and that will be a great picture. Avoid this and consider Golden Rule #6: “Don’t Think!” Remember the little Prince who says, “You only see rightly with the heart, what matters is invisible to the eyes.” My camera is like my heart – it always shows me the truth.

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