Lanyu, I Love Lanyu's Tatala - the Boat of the Braves (Part 2)

Instilled with time, spirits and prayers, carrying the wisdom of ancestors and the aspiration for our roots, the wooden canoe sails to the ocean and to the land of hope in every brave man’s heart. Seeing it sailing is the most beautiful painting of this azure island.

Besides azure sea waters and lush green mountains, Lanyu’s colorful wooden canoes are another symbol of the island. They represent an ancient tradition that had been integrated with new modern creativity. I forgot in which picture I saw this lovely wooden canoe, which is the reason that I must take my film cameras to this island. The incredible process of building a wooden canoe starts with selecting wood, then piecing it together, carving delicate patterns, paint it with colors and finally, launch it into the sea. In these times of rapid conveniences, it is difficult for a tribe to persist its traditions and pass on the faith. I took several pictures of this canoe so I could recall all the beauties of the canoe. I sat on the rubble beside the wooden canoe, stretched my legs and watched the sea. The wind gently blew past, mumbling many memories of Lanyu to me.

One can easily see wooden canoes perched in Badai Bay and Dongqing Bay. It is quite a scene to see with so many wooden canoes perched in the vast bay. Compared with ancient canoes, modern ones have more varieties and creativeness. When appreciating a canoe, please remember not to damage it at will or sit on it without permission, which are all considered rude to the owner.

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written by apd on 2011-09-09 #places #taiwan #location
translated by blowpufferfish

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