Postcards From Bombay: Walking in the Pre-1947 City


How do you imagine Bombay before 1947? That is the question which was asked to 13 participants from a recent analog photography workshop in Mumbai.

On the eve of Indian Interdependence Day, Manoj Jadhav organized an analog photography workshop supported by Lomography India called “Postcards From Bombay.” The workshop was focused on story telling and how to visualize a theme. One of the longer workshops, it started at 11AM and ended at 6PM.

The concept was to show Bombay as it was before 1947. To show the city, architecture and the mood, excluding all elements of modern Mumbai. The workshop was completely shot in Black & White film with analog cameras. And not only just any analog cameras, all cameras which were purely manual, without any batteries or light meter. Only Selenium light meter were used in the workshop along with sunny 16 rule for exposure. As there were no high speed films or even 35mm films back in 1947, only 100 ISO 120mm Lomography Black & White 100 films were used.

The Lomography Black & White 100 120 provides very nice contrast and an amazing texture. A truly classic black & white film, it gives amazing results in almost every light condition. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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  1. magali
    magali ·

    This workshop was AMAZING. period.

  2. isabelbatteria
    isabelbatteria ·

    Amazing idea, and the results were so beautiful I want to go there and also try the film. Stunning images!!

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